Camping Ideas? (Recipes)

by red pony, Monday, May 25, 2015, 11:06 (1215 days ago) @ Wheels

we camp a lot with our, much of our cargo space is taken up by horse stuff! lol! we cook almost everything in cast iron pudgy pie irons. we make eggs(then toast our bread, meat and cheese) and make egg sandwiches. we have made pancakes in them. I have cooked hash browns in them. pizza pudgy pies are great as are ham and cheese sandwiches. we have put potatoes, hot dogs(cut up) broccoli and cheese in foil and cooked that in the coals too. I guess this would not be too practical if cooking for a large group but if everyone is able to man their own iron its fine! lol! plus everyone can make it how they like it.

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