make a roast in a crockpot (Recipes)

by Suzie Q @, Monday, October 12, 2015, 23:47 (1075 days ago) @ sparky

I usually have my crockpot turned on high and sprayed with Pam to make for easier clean up later. I sear the meat on both sides, sprinkling with a seasoning salt I made using some onions and garlic and celery that I dehydrated and then whizzed up in my blender with a bit of pepper and organic sea salt. I transfer the meat to the crockpot and cover with a soup of some type......mushroom, chicken or celery cream soup that I mix with a package of something like Lipton onion soup. Turn your pot to med or low, depending on how long you have to cook it and how large the roast is. A couple hours before you intend to eat, add your carrots and potatoes......again, time needed to cook them depends on how small you cut them. That is also a good time to check your seasoning, generally adding a bit more salt. The veggies will add more liquid (depending on how high the temp is you are cooking it at) which can be used for gravy. Beef broth can be added at any time if it appears to be drying out. You may also consider turning the roast after a couple hours.

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