Need help with knitted articles (How To)

by Suzie Q @, Tuesday, December 29, 2015, 10:51 (1029 days ago)

For years I have been making zip up the back baby sweaters. I'm a great knitter and do a good why am I needing help after making literally hundreds of sweaters?? I need to take my work to the 'next level'.........I do not know the parameters of blocking. I have probably close to 2 dozen sweaters right now that I have to finish. I get the 'pattern' I've created lined up so the ribbing, etc., matches, so I got that part right..........but there is some stretching with an article right off the knitting needles and it needs to be much do I stretch it? Different yarns have varying degrees of stretching. I've ended up with the sweater puckering, sometimes the zipper puckers. No one complains, but I know it's not my best work. Any knitters out there that can help me? I would be glad to share my work in trade for your expertise..............:-P.........SS

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