Question on canning? (How To)

by Suzie Q @, Saturday, August 27, 2016, 11:06 (753 days ago) @ Smokey

Interesting that you say that, Smokey................I have two different containers of salt in my cupboard right now and BOTH of them say 'does not contain Iodide'........I just noticed that recently. I can't find any information on the Internet as to when they stopped adding Iodine to salt. I did find out that iodide competes with the components of salt and it evaporates as well, so apparently it is very unstable and we were not getting nearly as much as we initially thought. And with the incidence of thyroid concerns in women in recent years, it would appear we have become increasingly deficient. I remember having to take 'goiter pills' in school and I HATED them. I vaguely remember (or at least I thought about) giving them to the kid (a boy) in front of me. I usually use pink (Himilayan) natural salt, but have these others for back up in case I can't get to Brubakers in time. Now everyone is going to go check their salt, admit it, aren't you? haha

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