3.4 million dollars to recount ballots in WI. (Political Discussion)

by Wheels, Wednesday, November 30, 2016, 07:34 (692 days ago) @ Kartking22

Well, here's my take on this whole recount thing. Number one, it's not going to change anything. Even if by some miracle that it did, the whole election would end up in the House of Representatives and their vote would decide the president. If you know the political makeup of the House, then you know what their decision would be. Again, no change. Each state delegation gets only one vote and that map had a lot of red states on it.

So what could possibly be going on, SCAM on a very big scale. Somebody once said, the bigger the lie the easier to get people to believe. All those millions and millions of dollars. Can't tell me there is no way to siphon off a few bucks for your own use. Call it wages, donations to charities that you own or just operating expense, the Clinton's have been doing it for decades.

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