Let's keep America safe...... (Political Discussion)

by nan6649, Friday, February 10, 2017, 19:19 (592 days ago) @ Thirsty

Thanks for the message, Thirsty. I think all those protesters need a good reminder of 9/11. I'm all for helping out and doing the Christian thing, as we all come from God; however, it's scary to think that a few undesirables may slip through the cracks and start raising hell over here. And what are they going to do when something like that happens again? Blame the government, blame the President, and demand that something be done immediately. It seems that the immigrants want the right to impose their laws and beliefs on us, making the American citizens change to their way of life. I'm sure all of us have ancestors that came here from some other country and had to assimilate. Do they think it'd be any different if we went to their country? Guess again.

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