Let's keep America safe...... (Political Discussion)

by Suzie Q @, Friday, February 10, 2017, 22:43 (619 days ago) @ Thirsty

I was all set to be horrified had Hillary won, but I wouldn't be looting, trashing and burning stuff. Less disciplined people are doing all of the above. I understand their frustration because I had been terribly frustrated the past several years under Obama. Many people may not have any intention of being destructive, but by being disrespectful, they are giving a stamp of approval to people that are. I was NOT set to vote for Trump..........he was at the very bottom of my list, but I could not justify voting for someone that advocates late term partial birth abortions and while both of them lie, of which I am not blind to that fact, Hillary lied while under oath about the safety and security of our nation and some of our military lost their lives because of it. Right now I am remembering everything we lost on September 11 due to the actions of some fanatics........the very people that are shouting 'Death to America' and are trying to enter our country. Have we learned nothing? Our President is attempting to take steps to keep us safe. I highly doubt anything is going to happen in the next couple of months while all this travel ban controversy is going on because the terrorists do not want to give the American people any excuse to suddenly support the ban and immediately at that. But WHEN .......not IF......another attack occurs, who is going to get the blame? These people.....NOT ALL OF THEM, JUST A FEW.......are not coming here to learn our ways or make 'nice' with us. They are indoctrinated that we are infidals and need to be destroyed. How in heavens name will it be absolutely possible to decipher who is who is beyond our comprehension and skills, but we have to set some limits and try.

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