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This is from my grandson in his social work classes:

My concern I guess stems from wanting to put citizens first before any other class of people. I believe people that come here from other countries need help, and perhaps my emotions got the better of me, given that this has been a hot button topic, that being said, I feel we need to take stock of what is happening within our own country first before trying to solve everyone else's problems. I don't believe in this issue of whiteness as I have had discussions with academics of various different skin colors and when I broke down things in a more class-based way, it made more sense. For instance, why do poor whites in OK vote Republican? Because of social issues primarily. If the dominant culture is the majority, why is that any way bad? I look at France and the situations regarding no-go zones and various things being done to women there and it disgusts me. I am not saying all refugees are bad people, but just like how Abu Ghraib was a black mark on ALL of us in the military, the reality is, the actions of the few speak for the actions of the many. And that's where my fear lies. I feel that Sharia Law runs contrary to the Constitution. That is something that I have a deep reverence for, anything to challenge that mindset would be a hard pill for me to swallow. If I had to work with illegals or refugees, I would treat them as people, I would also refer them to someone else, that's the bottom line, it's been my stance for a long time, and it's not something a few semesters of social work classes are going to change. This has been my stance since high school and was something I ran for office on in 2012. I have a huge problem with unvetted refugees coming into this country.

How can we as social workers be more effective? By partnering with international aid groups in assisting impoverished/underrepresented peoples in various nations to be able to take ownership of their own lives and to rebel/renounce tyranny themselves. This is why the CIA has a clandestine program, this is precisely why Special Forces exists, this is precisely why we have international aid groups, but why can't we take this a step forward? Why can't we embed ourselves into the CIA, USSOCOM, and other agencies, like Civil Affairs attempts to do, but this would be more. This would be a civilian-military partnership in advocating ways to help train people in severely underdeveloped/civil war-torn nations to engage in various operations against tyrannical governments. This is what I think would be the MOST successful way to advocate, rather than just uproot people. People need to take care of their own problems, re-settling them in a nation whose own values run contrary to their own does not seem like the best of ideas. When I see CAIR and other people attempt to explain away Shariah Law and try to say it does not run contrary to the US Constitution, I have to shake my head and laugh. Then I realize that this is a clear and present threat to all people in America. My mind operates on a level of what is best for the longevity of the Republic as a whole, not whether some person from a far away land will be inconvenienced for not being allowed to live here. So I hope this clears things up, it's not paranoia, it's the fact I've seen some reports that scared the crap out of me and these are real dangers posed to our nation by unvetted access. Does it sound terrible for someone who aspires to be a social worker? Yes, yes it does, I admit that. What I am saying is rather heartless. However, instead of allowing myself to be emotionally involved by asking, "what if that was me." I have simply disassociated myself and looked at all facts and resources I have available. If anyone here ever read the Manchester Document, you would see why maybe, just maybe I have some pretty strong fears. I will post it here as it is publicly available. It is Al Qaeda's guiding strategy. Also, when you see footage of a disabled Iraqi girl forced to blow herself up by her father at a carnival, you kind of lose a lot of trust in anyone at that point. Again, I am not trying to elicit fear, I am trying to explain why I am. I have a lot of regrets, but the things you get access to at the classified side makes you not even want to leave the country.

http://www.investigativeproject.org/documents/10-al-qaeda-manual-found-in-manchester-tr... I couldn't find the FBI link anymore, but this is the exact text as I remember from doing some work. Again, completely unclassified. Please read this. This will help open minds as to why I care so much about wanting to take the fight rather than surrender.

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