How I feel (Political Discussion)

by jjohnson, Sunday, February 12, 2017, 07:28 (618 days ago) @ Just me

I just can't comprehend why anyone would vote democrat anymore. This isn't the same party as it once was. I was a strict democrat 12 years ago. This party has changed so much. It once stood for people's rights,.. America rights. Now it face is murdering babies, lgbt rights, refugees and abolishment of Christianity. These politicians are for who ever puts the $ in their pockets. Republican are no better imo but trump isn't a politician and is doing everything he said he would do. I fully expect an in depth criminal probe into crooked lying murdering Hillary. President trump may be brash and bold but he does what he says,.. all for one penny a year. I wonder how much $ the Clinton n Obama have stolen from you and I?

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