REALLY???? (Political Discussion)

by Suzie Q @, Tuesday, February 14, 2017, 13:36 (588 days ago) @ jimbo_jack

JUST saw another commercial..............President Trump saying he is going to save our Medicare and Social Security. One thing appears to be true.............when Trump SAID/SAYS he is going to do something, you better stand back, because the speed with which he does something will blow you over. Proof is in the last three weeks. Will there be glitches?? OF COURSE! We are human beings, not machines that you can program. But I am way happier with what he has accomplished and INTENDS to accomplish than the 'other' option. Either one would have changed the course of history but the 'other' option would have changed it for the worse if the direction of Obama's 'legacy' was any indication.

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