Hardee's Building in Falls (In The News)

by gg @, Friday, September 08, 2017, 17:44 (382 days ago) @ Mike

It's a perfect place for another good restaurant in town, which I think we need. Some are closed parts of the day when I like to eat out and I'm open to something new other than fast food.

Hopefully we'll find out before very long what's coming in there, if something's in the works. Then after how many years (?) we can finally stop referring to it as the Hardee's Building (I liked Hardee's, but still, it was another "fast food"). It sure didn't last long, or so it seemed anyway.

Pretty soon "Virginia City" will be bustling with businesses. No, just kidding; I think we've got a great little town. Looks terrible seeing that empty lot where the nice old hotel and restaurant used to be.

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