Equifax stuff again (In The News)

by Wheels, Sunday, September 10, 2017, 08:06 (408 days ago)

This latest hack of Equifax is a lot bigger than anyone realized. That 143 million accounts hacked wasn't world wide, just the US. Now can you imagine what foreign thieves will do with all that information?

Equifax says that you can put a fraud alert on your account. That is suppose to be a way to protect yourself from identity theft. Then in their agreement option to this is a little catch, If you sign up, you give up the right to join in a class action suit when one comes up, and you can just bet it will.

I'm sick of this crap. Here is what should be done. Equifax's assets should be frozen. All salaries frozen, executive compensation investigated. You see, top executives sold out their stock a few days before the announcement. But they said they knew nothing about the breach. I'm sure they wouldn't lie about it. lol.

Any person who has their identity stolen, Equifax should be made 100 percent liable for all costs to that person.

This can't be fixed. But the future can. The individual should have the final say in whether any business or place gets to send in their information to any credit bureau. One simple signed form with a yes or no would stop this kind of theft. The ownership of a person's financial information should remain with the owner and not transferred to anybody else.

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