Free apples (Freebies)

by Kartking22, Monday, September 11, 2017, 18:45 (372 days ago) @ mrse

Mrse, I really don't know what some of my apple trees are except for two. Macintosh and Wolf Rivers. Most of the apples have bugs in them again this year due to the constant rain this spring which washed away the spray that I had applied many times to keep them away. Hunters usually fought over these in the past but now as they are not allowed to bait for deer, I am afraid that they will go to waste. They are still usefull to make cider but not everyone has a cider press.
Maybe I should have a day when people can come and pick the apples and process them into their cider for free.?? You pick, I press. You take home real apple cider.

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