Free apples (Freebies)

by Kartking22, Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 20:23 (370 days ago) @ mrse

LOL. Not so much the actual worms but the trails that they left in the apples. Mostly what are called railroad worms. Not the ones that are white and make a big trail through the apples. They still make great cider without the extra protein. Could be considered as diet cider if you may be watching your weight as well.
I just thought that people may want these apples when the price is right. Amazing how people will snub thier noses up at fresh produce with a blemish at the store but will eat anything out of a can. I worked at a canning company and you would be dumnfounded on what goes into those cans.
For an example, what is your favorite style of canned green beans?

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