If you ban history (In The News)

by Mike, Monday, September 18, 2017, 15:50 (365 days ago) @ Wheels

The old snowball just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Such insane madness.

Take all the names off and don't rename the school in honor of a person. The school should be named after the city or village it's located in and if more then one school give it a number. No mascot names for the schools sports teams either cause it might offend a race of people or a animal. Uniforms for sports should be a neutral color like tan or gray.

How about changing all the names of the southern states and its cities that had any connection to the Civil War.

There are protest in St. Louis cause a Judge finds a police office was justified in the shooting of a black drug dealer who would not listen to commands from the cop and fled. Praise the innocent black drug dealer and riot and destroy businesses in his name.

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