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by gg @, Friday, September 29, 2017, 23:13 (389 days ago) @ Wheels

Oh my!!! And her expecting a baby any day now???

No wonder they left her out on just $7,000.00 bail.......they didn't want her having the baby in jail.

He's finally off the streets, but what a tragic thing to happen to a young couple just because he was such a dare-devil. She loved him, so she went along with it. Sending her to jail or prison isn't going to do anyone any good........It might do her children some good though, if she is that easily swayed to do things that others tell her to do.

It sounded like he had enough sense as far as his job goes, but he "just" had the dare-devil heart and a strong desire for fame. How terribly, terribly sad!! 4 lives wasted, plus the loss for all who loved him (and her).

And to think that their older child witnessed it all! Now that child will probably end up deranged.

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