ATV Snow Plow Question (How To)

by TwinBridge ⌂ @, Crivitz, WI, Sunday, November 05, 2017, 10:02 (319 days ago) @ Kenny K

I'll chime in on this as well. I use a 650cc 4x4 with a 60" blade, have for 12 years now and it works well for me. Just a couple of things that I learned or adjusted through that time.

After the first season, and also because I only use my ATV for utility purposes around the property, I ditched the stock tires, which are next to useless in the winter time. I went with an aggressive 1.5" lug mud tire, and it was a night and day difference in what the ATV can do. While certainly not a must-do upgrade for some, I'd never use stock tires for my needs again.

A few seasons ago, I also added heated grips & thump flipper. As someone else mentioned, it can get chilly plowing on the ATV at times.

Other than that, with a little experience, you should be able to handle any kind of snow we typically get around here.

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