Living with Bears ... and Horses (How To)

by Kenny K, Sunday, November 12, 2017, 07:32 (312 days ago)

As you might recall, I don't actually live in Northeast Wisconsin ... yet. My wife & I built our retirement home near Lakewood, but won't be able to move there permanently for a few more years.

My wife has a good friend from work who retired and now just happens to live down the block from our place up north (not at all planned - just one of those quirky coincidences). Yesterday she texted my wife and told her that they got snow, and that they found 11" wide bear prints across their yard.

A few years back we were sitting in our living room and had a black bear and her two cubs walk across the front of our house - maybe 30 feet from the front of the house.

We have two horses and two dogs (55 lbs), and they will move up with us when the time comes. The thought of having black bears roaming around has my wife kind of worried.

Are there any precautions you take regarding bears during your day-to-day activities? Will they bother 55 lb dogs in a mesh fence yard? or will they most likely just avoid them?

I know there are some horse folks on this message board. Is there any concern that bears will hurt the horses? We'll fence off maybe 5 acres. I'd like to put up the high tension cable fencing (not sure if that's the right term), but my wife wants to put up mesh fencing with an electric wire along the top (to protect the fence). My thinking is that I want critters to be able to go under the fence and I fear we'll constantly be fighting the vegetation shorting the electric wire. Any thoughts from horse folks?

Thanks for sharing your bear experiences. (I don't need to know your "bare" experiences!!)


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