Low carbing? (Recipes)

by Kenny K, Monday, November 27, 2017, 16:31 (302 days ago) @ lcm

I try to avoid carbs, but I don't really try to replace it. Instead I try to focus on fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. I haven't had a burger since then. No fried food. I eat thin crust veggie pizza in limited quantity because the sausage is usually high in fat. But that is an occasional treat. Mostly fish, chicken, pork, and smaller chunks of red meat. I eat 2 eggs for breakfast with a slice of low fat cheese, on one slice of whole wheat bread. I stopped eating rice - except for the occasional Chinese meal - hard to avoid fried anything in Chinese food. I try to avoid potatoes, pasta, and other obvious sources of carbs.

I've actually lost over 100 lbs since August 2016 - using an Android phone app called Value Diary that is actually just using an older version of Weight Watchers points. I liked WW because I don't have to track fruit and veggies, which saves me lots of time/trouble.

I think the biggest trick is tracking EVERYTHING and not cheating. I weigh myself every day, but the daily variation can mess with confidence - keep in mind that there will be ups & downs.

With that said, in the last two months I fell off the wagon - work travel and Thanksgiving haven't helped, but with the start of this week I'm working hard to get back on my game and keep going. I'm not sure if I've been cheating or if something in my metabolism changed. Time will tell.

Kenny K.

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