Why are we not teaching to never point a gun at anyone????? (General Discussion)

by Suzie Q @, Sunday, January 07, 2018, 09:09 (226 days ago) @ gg

Why would ANYONE not listen to a police officer when they say "Drop the weapon", etc? Because they have no respect! And not just for cops........these people are selfish and think only of themselves on an immature level. And therein lies the problem with society as a whole. If they have respect in general, they won't be breaking into peoples homes......people never used to have to lock their doors.....hunters used to leave their hunting cabins unlocked so someone in distress while hunting could use the facilities and the person/s were respectful and left it in good condition, not trashed like some break in to do on purpose now. My BIL said when he was in (one of the Asian countries) during the war, a woman could accidentally leave her purse on the door step all night after she unlocked her door and it would still be there in the morning, untouched. Punishments were severe and administered without exception and people respected the law. Now days judges here in America let an illegal get away with murder and lock up a person for 5 years for smoking weed. There is not a consistent standard of rules for ALL people and half of them are let off the hook, anyway. All the special investigations going on in Washington DC is a perfect example. Thank goodness we have a President that respects soldiers and law enforcement and thinks and says good things about people in general. So refreshing after the previous administration.

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