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by Thirsty @, Saturday, January 13, 2018, 19:15 (220 days ago)

If it were not for a guy pushing a wrong button, they would still be talking about one naughty word. We have hundreds of thousands of words, who ever came out and said that seven of them are naughty.

There are 135 words like manure, muck, doo-doo, feces, waste, dung, and 130 more that mean the same thing, but you can not say s*it. When the newspapers print it and on TV it is OK to print sh*t. Even small children know what they are saying.

Please someone explain to me why only seven words out of hundreds of thousands are not OK!

Does anyone agree with me on this? My guess is that Sparky and Wheels will agree! The only reason I am posting this stupid post is because I think Wheels is implying that the board might be too quiet!!!!! I had really thought that Wheels would have had words to say about the stock market!

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