BALD EAGLE (Political Discussion)

by gg @, Sunday, February 11, 2018, 20:52 (226 days ago) @ jimbo_jack

I think Mike was spot on with his reply, because when you posted that picture under the Political Discussion Category, with BALD EAGLE as the Subject, what else could you have been fishing for, than one of Mike's choices? Usually when people see that no one has posted on the board for a few days, they put their post under General Category and ask where everyone is.

When I saw a picture, I figured you had meant to post under Photos. I guess we were all confused, but that's what keeps the world going around........oooops, I'm wrong on that, global warming causes that........ooops, wrong again......... tic.........that means "tongue in cheek".

P.S. I agree with Mike.

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