I had no intention of ever coming back to this board, but... (General Discussion)

by Thirsty @, Thursday, February 15, 2018, 20:19 (220 days ago)
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It had become more than obvious that my input was not wanted on this board. When I was about to post the third response (this was in the POOP thread), I was told the following:

Stay on one subject .Are you talking poop or stock market make up your mind?????????????

Just three or four topics down I had started a post about the stock market, there was very little discussion, just two posts.

Should I have posted four separate posts?

We had gun clubs in school and shooting ranges. And I had never heard of a school shooting until we voted in people to make it illegal for law abiding citizens to bring guns to school. We gave the green light to crazy people.

We pay people with guns to protect our important people, but we could not care less about our school children.

Had we never made schools and airports “GUN FREE ZONES” many thousands of people would not be in the boxes today and the twin towers would still be standing.

These shootings are happening in Gun Free Zones. The shooters know that the people there will have no way of defending themselves and that is why these tragedies are happening in these zones. We need to give teachers defense so it will discourage these psychopaths.

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