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by Suzie Q @, Thursday, February 15, 2018, 23:22 (220 days ago) @ Thirsty

I agree with your stand on gun control......except it's NOT gun control.......it's people control. I make no apology for being conservative. You would think that liberals would be in favor of everyone having a gun, but they are only in favor of gay marriage, gender-neutral bathrooms and abortion........anything to control the people!

I was in a small group of acquaintances earlier today and in the course of the conversation, two things happened......

When I made mention that I had voted for President Trump, an older gentleman...probably late 80's plus......just happened to have a scissors in his hand and turned it towards me like he was going to stab me......he was too far away to reach me so I wasn't scared, but I'm thinking 'what the ???'. Why can we not discuss this stuff without being threatened?? I do not call anyone an idiot or stupid because they do not agree with me as others have done to me when I didn't agree with them.

Another lady picked up on the discussion and said she voted for Donald Trump because she couldn't stand Hillary Clinton. While I was dismayed that Donald Trump was the last Republican candidate standing, I definitely couldn't vote for Hillary Clinton because political things just didn't add up in my mind and now as things unfold, we had every right to be concerned. The lady friend voiced her opinion about 'The Wall'. We just don't 'need' it. I told her, China had a great wall and you don't see Mexicans over there......my humor was lost on her....oh, well.

But for those that think we don't need a physical barrier, how about if you leave your doors unlocked and then put a sign out front to advertise that fact?? How safe would you feel and actually be? Or leave your car doors unlocked? Other countries have physical barriers.......I have heard Mexico has one.......

In order to be a peace-keeping nation, we have to have laws and the people have to obey them. Illegal aliens break the very first law that applies to them by crossing the border to begin with. Statistics show that the illegals are generally the ones that continue to break the law. Those on visa's or with green cards are working to fit in and make a contribution. I have no problem with a logical immigration program. We are way out in the boonies here in NE WI, but there are help wanted signs all over the place. Every single day I get an email from an employment group listing NO LESS than 5 companies in the area that are looking for workers. The good part is with a shortage of workers, companies will be likely to pay a better wage to get and keep a good employee. Even CNA's were offered a $1000 sign on bonus payable in three installments by some companies. Do we live in a great country or what??

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