I had no intention of ever coming back to this board, but... (General Discussion)

by Smokey, Friday, February 16, 2018, 06:06 (220 days ago) @ Thirsty

Yes Thirsty, there were guns everywhere, right along with every opportunity to fire them. However, there was also respect for self, others, and life in general. Then the Viet Nam war came along and drafted our young boys. How many wars have we had since then? Thank goodness the draft has been discontinued. Drugs of all kinds became popular and are now the norm. Drug babies are born. AND drug babies have health issues, mental health issues among them. Volunteer in a school, become an adopted grandparent to a class of elementary students or set foot into a middle school. The number of behavior disordered/psychotic students you encounter will take your breath away.

Have you played video games? Have seen the violence? The blood? The massive gun violence against your "enemies"? It's fun and games, it's not real (virtual is the word), but our youth cannot decipher virtual from reality because to them it all blends together.

Times have changed over the generations. Our youth is far removed from the what our young people are experiencing and there is no going back. We will all survive the Trump Administration, I have no doubt about that. However, what choices will we have in the future? As time moves forward, our young people seem to become more deviant.

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