I had no intention of ever coming back to this board, but... (General Discussion)

by Kenny K, Friday, February 16, 2018, 07:55 (220 days ago) @ Thirsty

Thirsty, please don't stay away. I enjoy your posts very much!!!

Let me start by saying that I think this is a mental health and cultural (lack of religion and a sense of empathy) issue.

I too want this violence to end, but I honestly cannot think of a way to do this involving guns.

We'd be insane to outlaw all guns, not to mention the 2nd amendment. Then the good guys would be easy victims for the criminals who will still get guns illegally.

I also don't believe that only cops and the like should have guns. That prevents us from protecting ourselves and our families, because for sure a cop won't be there all the time. Unfortunately, I tend to think their primary roll is post-violence.

Would go to bolt-action rifles, revolver hand guns, and the like only? Would that really stop the carnage of someone intent on doing harm? I honestly don't think so. A pump shotgun filled with buckshot is beast of a weapon. Weren't many of the rifles/handguns used in WW2 of this type?

I'm OK with smaller magazines - within reason. They already do that for hunting in some places. I really think that is the only answer that makes sense.

Honestly, now that so many semi-automatic guns are out there I do not think we can make them illegal. Then the honest law-abiding folks will not have them, and the criminals and crazy people will still be able to get them illegally - if they are illegal.

Automatic guns are already illegal. It should be nearly impossible to get them.

And someone who violates gun laws should face VERY stiff penalties. Make it HURT!! I know I work very hard to make sure my gun ownership is legal and safe. If someone is found selling/owning/carrying an over-sized magazine - give them BIG a giant fine and/or time in jail - I'm fine with that. And maybe forbid them from owning a gun for a number of years or forever.

Most importantly, we need to have the courage to let authorities know when someone might - just might - be a mentally troubled and/or dangerous to them self or others.

That said, I think the social and legal "stigma" associated with having had mental health issues actually prevents many from identifying others or from getting help themselves.

In my own world I've known someone who needed some help as a teenager - not an uncommon thing, but then as an adult had to spend many thousands of dollars proving to society that they here perfectly fine (safe).

... and we need the authorities to act when those mentally dangerous have been identified!

Personally, I think this is a mental health issue - not a gun issue. Not just for the person, but also for the system that we've created that stamps a big fat ugly scary label on those who seek treatment for mental health issues. Seeking mental help should be no different than seeking medical help.

Thanks for listening to my thoughts. I promise to respect your thoughts, though I may disagree.

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