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by Kenny K, Friday, February 16, 2018, 09:41 (220 days ago) @ Kenny K

One of my comments to my wife was "How did that guy even get in the school?"

My kid's schools were locked down during the day. To get in your either had to have keys to outside doors or enter through the front office.

I think most public buildings that need security, especially schools, should have pass-though entrances that require you to get let in via a remote lock.

Even windowed entrances should have the windows in a strong "cage" (steel or strong aluminum) such that even if you break the windows, you still can't just walk or climb in.

I also think that there should be some way so that even if the "guard" was overcome, the intruder would not know how to open the secondary door.

I used to work at a fairly secure facility in Michigan. We had to enter a corridor with locking doors front & back, the door toward the parking lot would lock, then each person had to place their badges in front of a camera, and only after once all of those in the corridor had shown their badges then the entry door was unlocked. Once all were out, the entry door would lock and the parking lot door would unlock to begin the cycle again. It worked.

Yeah, I know that a fire alarm could get people outside into the public area and bad things could happen there. The truth is that if someone wants to kill people ... they will do it.

THIS is why I think it is a mental health/empathy issue.

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