Hunters without Semi-Automatic Guns (Political Discussion)

by Kenny K, Thursday, February 22, 2018, 06:12 (214 days ago) @ Tater

From what I read online hunter surveys tend to find that they can live without semi-automatic guns. The only real negative appears to be getting accurate second shots when waterfowl hunting. I get that. Based on talking with people who hunt deer with shotgun slugs I can see where having a fast & accurate second shot could help stop an injured deer (less suffering).

The hunter surveys suggest that semi-automatics tend to waste ammunition and not provide much real benefit to the hunters, but I wanted first hand insight.

The makeup of the wads and shot is an interesting dilemma. Again, since I'm not an active hunter I'm not up to speed on what materials are used now, but I do see lots of wads laying around my property ... and hope they are made of material that degrades rather quickly (I think adding cornstarch or similar to plastic helps that).

I used to have an above ground pool, and it fairly often had shotgun pellets rusting at the bottom, which means they are steel shot and not lead. I wonder if - but don't really understand the side-effects - that lead shot/bullets should be outlawed for hunting and outdoor target shooting - anywhere shot can get into the environment. Not sure if there are bullet material alternatives that will be provide a "humane kill for larger game.

Thanks for your thoughts on the subject!!

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