Hunters without Semi-Automatic Guns (Political Discussion)

by Wheels, Thursday, February 22, 2018, 11:49 (214 days ago) @ EM

Just to keep things straight, if you are referring to the ammo that AR 15's use, it is not .225, it's .223. All major rifle manufacturers make bolt action rifles in .223 caliber. Those already owned would become obsolete. Now the ammo ban has made it's way from semi auto to bolt action. Every change has more changes down the line. The armed forces of this country use AR 15's in .223 caliber. Police forces also use them. So a .223 ammo ban is not going to happen. If it did, a black market would pop up and the ammo would still be out there for the criminal to get. Hundreds of thousands of shooting enthusiasts reload their own ammo. Would all .223 reloading tools end up being banned?

I know two things for sure. If a right granted to us under the constitution is taken away, you will never get it back. Then there is the second thing in that line of thought. Take away one and the door opens for the others. Once that slippery slope starts, our country will, as we know it, be gone. This very thing has happened before, with disastrous results.

I am a firm believer that I have the right to defend my person and property with the same firearm or ammunition that the criminal has, no matter if he, or she, obtained it legally or not.

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