Just a reminder for Sparky….. (Freebies)

by Thirsty @, Monday, February 26, 2018, 11:16 (210 days ago) @ sparky

Back in 1970 I bought a nice used set at a garage sale for $20. The very next day a close relative started selling encyclopedias for a living. I felt obligated to buy the new set. Then my wife was having a rummage sale and a very nice young lady chiseled me down to $5 for the set I had just bought for $20.

Then the very nice young lady stopped in and told us all the money she had found in the set, it was a lot. I had bought the set from Bradford Braytons who had just sold their farm and moved to Allouez. Everyone of Bradford’s cows had a name and each knew her own stancel.

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