New Broadband Towers in Oconto County - Maybe (General Discussion)

by Kenny K, Monday, March 05, 2018, 11:57 (203 days ago)

From Feb 13 Townsend Board meeting minutes:

Ziegler attended a Wisconsin Towns Assc. presentation February 3 in Carter. Ms. Angie
Dickinson from the WI Broadband Office discussed the grant opportunities from the state of Wisconsin. Another grant of $7 Million will be available in June, 2018. During a phone
conversation on Tuesday with Ziegler, Ms. Dickinson said Bertram Wireless, from Random
Lake, has requested $600,000.00 and received matched funds of $630,000 from Bertram and
$19,50 from local Townships, businesses and citizens.

The Town of Townsend had not participated in this, since we felt there was not sufficient
preliminary information. With the material obtained from Ms. Dickinson on Tuesday, the board
agreed that this is will be a valuable project to invest in. There are seven new towers proposed and coverage will be from Townsend to Suamico.

Martin made a motion that with the $420.00 sale of the Chevy Truck and $580.00 taken from
Hall & Grounds depreciation fund, the town will contribute $1000.00 to the broadband grant
request. 2nd by Adamczyk – M/A

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