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by Wheels, Tuesday, March 06, 2018, 12:08 (202 days ago) @ lisa

By what kind I don't think you mean brand name. These companies selling generators usually put their own name on it no matter who made it. The wattage is what is important. The size generator you need depends on what you want to run off of it in an emergency situation. Make a list of what uses electricity at your place and then get the watts it's uses. Most items have a tag on them somewhere that tells you that. Some tags are different. So, Watts = volts times amps.

Mine is a 7500 watt portable LP gas generator. I installed it permanently in a very large building to cut down on noise for the neighbors, and me. I buried copper gas line from my 500 gallon LP tank that's for heating. That way I don't have to mess with gasoline going bad, carbs getting gummed up and so on. The LP generator starts in the cold the same as in the heat. I had Russ Electric install a manual transfer switch. He has a Lena address but I think his business is around the old Alamo club location on the east side of the highway in Stiles. The generator, transfer switch and labor along with copper tubing and an LP regulator, was less than 1500.

I tested mine by starting up a 11 thousand btu air conditioner, two tv's, freezer, refrigerator, every light I have in the house, ran water till the pump started and then started the LP furnace. Didn't even slow the generator down. I didn't think to start the clothes dryer and I don't have an electric hot water heater.

It uses 3/4 of a gallon of LP per hour on steady running.

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