by Mike, Monday, March 12, 2018, 13:55 (196 days ago) @ jackpine

With this tariff the president wants to put on foreign metal. I wonder how many steel mills he has his fingers in.

President Trump stated he wanted to "Make American Great Again". I look at this tariff as being a positive way of doing just that. Why should American steel mills sit idle while we are importing cheaper steel. I bet if you worked in the steel industry you would be happy that he is trying to give you more work.

Now you got the other side crying that it will hurt their business because it will cost them more if they want to use imported metals. Back when they put tariffs on rice burner bikes Harley Davidson was all for it cause the rice burners were hurting their business. Now they are crying that this tariff will hurt their business.

You get a President in that wants to put more jobs back in the country and you get more negative rants then positive ones. If you help put the steel mills back in business you get 10 complaints your hurting other businesses.

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