Pat on the back to the lady at the Laona post office…… (General Discussion)

by Thirsty @, Thursday, March 22, 2018, 13:39 (184 days ago)

Monday we had to go to the Family Dollar in Laona. I had two electrical testers to send to Milwaukee and had the address of the person. The very nice lady at the post office told me that the address I had on the package was not complete enough. I told her I want it to get there by Saturday. She gave me her phone number to call her with the full address. She said she would put in the correct street for me, she gave me a tracking number. I called her Tuesday morning with the full address and now just two days later it was delivered at 10:37 this morning.

Now that is a great service that I was not aware of. This is top-notch service, they have come a long way since the pony express!!!!!!

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