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by dixiecrat @, Sunday, April 08, 2018, 11:18 (198 days ago) @ Pink Panther

Amazon mostly ships FedX. so by not paying the post office for shipping that is why the loss. It isn't actually a loss, it just isn't a gain. Sometimes you have to interpret what the prez means not what he says. Amazon is to retail businesses what Japan was to the car and electronics industry,and what Sam Walton was to every small town in America.
Yes China subsidizes the shipping of the cheap crap hordes are buying from China through eBay and Amazon and Lilly etc. You get what you pay for and you further encourage their inhumanity. Children as young as 5 are shipped out to work or are handed to grandparents or the state temporarily so the parents can go where there is work for a couple of decades. A disgusting country that this country is allowing to do what they please. They make unsafe food and toys etc. Who care? Its cheap. Feh!

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