Tariffs.......who is for and who is against them??????? (General Discussion)

by Wheels, Monday, April 09, 2018, 06:15 (197 days ago) @ Thirsty

I've been watching and listening to all the complaints and doomsday talk from China and the Soviet Union about the tariffs placed on them. Take candy away from a child and the child yells. Our country has been on the short end of the stick for decades when it comes to foreign trade. We buy all kinds of their products then they don't buy enough of ours to make the two values even. We are talking hundreds of billions of dollars here and a leak that big has to be fixed at some point in time. Sure, they can put tariffs on their products too and that will end up with us paying for it by higher prices for the junk we buy. But I think it's time to bite the bullet. That won't last very long and China and the Soviet Union will have to cave on the trade war thing because our citizens will stop, or delay, buying any of their products because the price is too high. Just maybe some of the offset to that will be that manufacturers will start up right here making those same products. The price might not come down but at least more people will be working and paying taxes and when I do buy something, it will be American made.

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