Tariffs.......who is for and who is against them??????? (General Discussion)

by Wheels, Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 07:35 (196 days ago) @ sparky

And another thing. China has tariffs on us and they are not small. Xi just announced he is going to lower them and allow more of our cars into his country. So that is one more plus thing for our industry. Isn't it strange that he decides to think about that kind of stuff a few days after the presidents message about putting extra tariffs on him? All these countries that benefit from our trade deficit are going to realize, in a very short time, that their economy will tank a lot faster than ours. They have all been living of us for years, which amounts to welfare if you ask me, and I think it's time we look after ourselves first.

As far as tariffs on food items, China is no slouch on that. Up until nine months ago, we could not even ship beef to them. They kept it out for 13 years before that. Now we can send in one percent of their market and there are so many restrictions on what kind of beef, you would need a lawyer to figure them all out. This whole thing is one big game with so many pieces on the board that not one of us will ever figure out what's right or wrong. As far as I'm concerned, any country who starts yelling about us making corrections in our trade deficit of a half trillion dollars a year, are the ones who are benefiting because of it.

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