Tariffs.......who is for and who is against them??????? (General Discussion)

by Suzie Q @, Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 12:33 (196 days ago) @ Wheels

hmmmm.......I have a question for you........some time back I read on Facebook (several times) that we (the USA) are going to ship chickens to China where they will be processed and then shipped back to us. At the time it didn't seem cost effective to do that (I believe the chickens were already butchered) and now in light of what you said, it seems even less so. I have seen pictures (on ......what else?......FACEBOOK, haha) of processing plants that said they were in China and they were squeaky clean (unlike what I have heard about USA processing plants). What do you know about this, if anything?? Thank you.......

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