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by Thirsty @, Tuesday, May 08, 2018, 13:05 (133 days ago) @ sparky

And I bet you had a sand-box, also. And you built buildings and would make the sound of an airplane and holler “Bombs over Tokyo!”, and take your hand and smashed the buildings that you had built.

The only time that my father ever fired an employee was when he told a black family to get down the road. At the same time my parents would put me on the Greyhound when I was 5 yrs old. In Milwaukee I would get off the bus and walk down Kinnickinnic Avenue to St. John’s School for the Deaf and get my older brother.

Times were different then, we had a hand pump at the kitchen sink, and my mother’s cook stove used wood not gas or electric. She would put a pail of water on the stove and carry it upstairs to heat the water in the tub that my 5 older brothers and sister had bathed in.

No one took the keys out of any vehicle, and no one had a house key. My father trusted many people and was taken advantage of often.

And there was a big box on the pole in front of our house with a big wooden lever to turn off all the street lights in town.

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