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by sparky @, Tuesday, May 08, 2018, 20:06 (133 days ago) @ Thirsty

When the Victory over Europe came, people were dancing in the street in Crivitz, but they knew the war wasn't over, finally we defeated japan, and people were really dancing in the street, free fireworks for the kids and a war movie at the town hall, it was great. No movie theatre in town yet so a movie was a big deal.
One of the strange things was we were fighting Japan and won, 9 or 10 years later I joined the Marines and was sent to Japan. I was stationed up on Mt. Fugi with 3 other battalions and the 1st Corp Army. I was a little nervous as we rode a put put train up to the base about 80 miles, but found out the Japanese people were very nice. I was there about 1 1/2 years and got to know many of them, there was no hard feelings on either side. I got to meet people who went through the Bomb, most were burnt bad but survived. We were in a small town named Ithasma, about as big as Wabeno, or smaller, went in their houses, ate there food and had an enjoyable experience. Food was scarce for them, but they had a lot of rice and veggies, not much meat, some said it was dog meat but I don't know. Yes the rice paddies stunk.....When it was time to come, I came back on a 1000 foot long aircraft carrier, now that was quite a ride.......Hope you liked my ramblings.....

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