TINNITUS 911 (General Discussion)

by Thirsty @, Friday, May 11, 2018, 19:30 (131 days ago)

Only because it is quiet, did anyone beside me fall for PHYTAGE ad to improve hearing with their natural way. I fell for it and bought a two month supply. They told me that if I buy 10 months, they would be 1/2 price, and if not happy they they would give a full refund.

Well, they billed me a lot, so I called them and they said if I was not happy, would I settle for half price? I said OK, but I want a check sent to me, and it was promised. They did not send a check, but they did credit my VISA card for less than 1/4 of what they promised over the phone. Now I am afraid to send it all back.

A close neighbor told me that she had gone with TINNITUS 911 snd it did not help at all.

What should I do?

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