How to post photos on NEWMB (Photo Share)

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This was asked and answered elsewhere, but I thought that it might be helpful to post this as a "sticky" note in the Photo Share section. How to post a picture on NEWMB:

Just click the "Click here to post a new topic" link you will find on each category index page to start a new post.

The two ways to include a photo are as follows:

- to the right of the main message box, you will see little buttons. The one marked Insert lets you "point to" an image that already exists someplace on the Internet. So if I wanted to insert the google logo that I found on their home page, I "point to it" by typing its URL into the message where I want it to show up, highlighting it, then clicking Insert:

I'm going to type the URL, which is and then I am going to highlight that URL that I just typed and then click the Insert button, and I will get this as a result once I post:


Upload - with this method, you can upload a picture from your computer directly to the NEWMB. To do this, just click the Upload button (again, on the right side of the main message box), click Browse from the little window that will pop up and select the photo from your computer that you want to upload, wait for awhile as it is uploaded (on dial-up it can take quite a long time), then once you see the little thumbnail version of the photo, you will see three little buttons that are used to tell the NEWMB how you want it aligned in your message (Normal, Left or Right). Just click whichever alignment button that you desire and the code for that photo will be pasted into your message, and you will get something like this:


Hope that helps - don't be afraid to play around a little once you discover those buttons. If you are a registered user it is really easy for you to fix any "oopses" that happen as you are learning the system.

Have fun!

- NEWMB Admin

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