FYI (How To)

by Wheels, Thursday, May 05, 2016, 09:49 (866 days ago)

A lot of people have Centurylink or Centurytel email addys and use something like Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail programs for your email. If you do, you can also log on to your email right at the Centurylink server if something goes haywire with the program you are using.

Log on to Centurylink at:
Click on the green email envelope at the upper right
Somewhere along the line, probably next, you will need your user name and password that you are using in your email program. Good thing to find out here what it is and write it down because I didn't years and years ago and I had to call and set up new ones. Once you have those, the next screen will be your email (web mail).

Oh, if you have to call to set up username and password, you are going to have to make new ones because Centurylink does not keep those on record. Then when that's done and you log on to the program your using, you will need them to get into it the first time.

Maybe I was the only one who didn't know all this but it sure is neat if you happen to be by someone elses place and you want to check your mail on their computer.

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