Easy to make Saurkraut (Recipes)

by Kartking22, Tuesday, August 30, 2016, 18:12 (755 days ago)

Real saurkraut contains only two ingredients. Cabbage and salt. Here is the simple way to make it.
Get cabbage. Shred cabbage. Weigh shredded cabbage. Add three tablespoons of pickling salt or any non iodized salt per pound of shredded cabbage. Mix cabbage and salt. Allow this to set for about 10 minutes then dump into a crock. If you don't have a crock, a clean plastic 5-gallon pail can be used as well. Pack the cabbage and salt mixture into the bottom of your choice of container. You will find that the salt has pulled water from the cabbage which will become the brine for the saurkraut. At this time, you will need to keep the cabbage submerged in this brine or the cabbage may start to rot if exposed to the air. A large plate with a well washed rock will do the trick if on a low budget.
Cover the container with a sheet to keep unwanted dust and bugs out.
Let this ferment for at least 2 weeks. You can sample the kraut after this time to determine how sharp of taste that is to your liking. The kraut will get stronger the longer you let it set.
When you are happy with the taste, Pack the kraut tightly in your choice of canning jars and run them through a hot bath or pressure cooker to stop the fermentation.

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