computer shop just opened (Local Business Ads)

by mrse @, NORTHERN WI, Wednesday, April 12, 2017, 20:17 (525 days ago)

3R Technology Repair Shop Grand Opening

Gillett, WI

3R Technology is a repair shop in Gillett Wi. We repair all computers, flat screen tvs, game systems, tablets, and some cell phones. We will be opening monday april 10th at 8 am and be open till 6pm please stop on down with your repair needs. We also have a selection of used laptops and other electronic merchandise we are located at 101 east main street I was just asked to share. I have not used them yet.

computer shop just opened

by Jon @, Thursday, April 13, 2017, 02:46 (525 days ago) @ mrse

Thank you for that information. I have been looking for a computer repair shop. I called one place and left a message and they never returned my call .. ( Great way to do business ).

But do they cut hair too??!!

by Kenny K, Thursday, April 13, 2017, 12:42 (524 days ago) @ mrse

But do they cut hair too??!!

Ha Ha ... referencing the Valentis Barber Shop and Computer Repair in Wabeno.

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