Free apples (Freebies)

by Kartking22, Thursday, September 07, 2017, 19:37 (383 days ago)

Since the DNR banned the baiting for deer again, I have a good crop of apples and no one that can use them. Tried spraying them this spring for bugs but constant rains washed this off. Apples may come with a few bugs but never found a whole worm in any of my apples. Found a half of a worm last year in one of the apples. I assume that these apples are 50% bug free according to last year's crop.

Free apples

by mrse @, NORTHERN WI, Friday, September 08, 2017, 21:46 (381 days ago) @ Kartking22

What kind are they?

Free apples

by Kartking22, Monday, September 11, 2017, 18:45 (379 days ago) @ mrse

Mrse, I really don't know what some of my apple trees are except for two. Macintosh and Wolf Rivers. Most of the apples have bugs in them again this year due to the constant rain this spring which washed away the spray that I had applied many times to keep them away. Hunters usually fought over these in the past but now as they are not allowed to bait for deer, I am afraid that they will go to waste. They are still usefull to make cider but not everyone has a cider press.
Maybe I should have a day when people can come and pick the apples and process them into their cider for free.?? You pick, I press. You take home real apple cider.

Free apples

by mrse @, NORTHERN WI, Monday, September 11, 2017, 23:04 (378 days ago) @ Kartking22

Wonderful idea. So then you also get protein with your cider. LOL

Free apples

by Kartking22, Wednesday, September 13, 2017, 20:23 (377 days ago) @ mrse

LOL. Not so much the actual worms but the trails that they left in the apples. Mostly what are called railroad worms. Not the ones that are white and make a big trail through the apples. They still make great cider without the extra protein. Could be considered as diet cider if you may be watching your weight as well.
I just thought that people may want these apples when the price is right. Amazing how people will snub thier noses up at fresh produce with a blemish at the store but will eat anything out of a can. I worked at a canning company and you would be dumnfounded on what goes into those cans.
For an example, what is your favorite style of canned green beans?

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