Looking for a handyman (For Sale & Wanted)

by johnk65, Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 21:42 (329 days ago)

Need an old wooden garage door installed and maybe a service door. Any suggestions? Thanks and have a great day.


Looking for a handyman

by gg @, Wednesday, September 27, 2017, 00:16 (329 days ago) @ johnk65

What is your location, that would help in recommending one. Thx.

Looking for a handyman

by johnk65, Wednesday, September 27, 2017, 21:12 (328 days ago) @ gg

I am 5 miles northwest of Oconto in the Cream City area. Thanks.

Looking for a handyman

by sparky @, Thursday, September 28, 2017, 18:21 (327 days ago) @ johnk65

Looking for a handyman

by Kenny K, Friday, September 29, 2017, 16:16 (326 days ago) @ johnk65

I'd suggest you stop by your local hardware store and ask if they have a business card board ... and ask if they can specifically recommend a local handyman ... uhm ... handyperson.

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