Oklahoma Liquor Store Robbery (graphic content) (In The News)

by Mike, Friday, March 02, 2018, 14:04 (206 days ago)

This mom and daughter should get some kind of award, or the key to the city.
There are a few question i would like to know about this incident, how often do they target practice, and what size caliber gun are they shooting? It looked like they got a number of shoots off and at close range. Could be he was jacked up on drugs that's why he didn't go down to easy.
Maybe they should have had a sawed off 20 gauge under the counter. They did a good job but would have been better if he didn't get back up. They took a thug off the street that was linked to a number of holdups.


Oklahoma Liquor Store Robbery (graphic content)

by Tater, Saturday, March 03, 2018, 00:34 (205 days ago) @ Mike

Wow. Tough to play Monday morning quarterback on that one. Could've ended much worse. Never give up your weapon. Not sure if it was wise to shoot at a fleeing suspect. The daughter nearly hit the mother. They should've locked the door and taken cover in a safe place. They need more gun training.

Oklahoma Liquor Store Robbery (graphic content)

by Kenny K, Saturday, March 03, 2018, 07:38 (205 days ago) @ Mike

Several thoughts come to mind here:

I do wonder about her shooting as he leaves the store, but I heard an interview and she said that he had turned around outside and started heading back toward the door.

Both of them seemed to shot by intuition, not be careful aiming. I recently saw a Mythbusters that addressed that, and it turned out that accurate shooting by intuition (without careful aiming) is a very difficult thing. I would think that is especially true with the very short barreled handguns they were using.

In the interview the mother said that when they were wrestling for the gun she was focused on pointing the gun away from the daughter and trying to fire the gun to remove the ammunition - so he couldn't use it against them. I'm not sure how successful she was at that. He did appear to try to shoot the gun afterward.

I'm a firm believer that anyone who has a gun for self-defence (which I strongly believe is a fundamental right) should spend lots of time learning and practicing, making it all essentially second nature.

I had read or heard that he had been shot multiple times, but clearly didn't go down or stop his actions until near the end of the video when it looks like he was struggling. It may sound morbid, but lately - after the horrid Florida shooting - I've been trying to read about the effects of gunshot wounds, but what I read confuses me. It sounds like against a typical adult even multiple shots likely won't slow them down much unless they are shot in very specific places - head, heart, spine, or lungs(not immediate, but minutes). Even a head shot I guess can have varying results.

Again, sorry for he morbid topic, but from what I read/heard, in the Florida shooting many of the fatalities had been shot many times - and some were shot multiple times at close range after they had fallen to the ground. Sigh - sorry, it does upset me - I have 20-something year old kids. But still, I find myself trying to understand this kind of stuff. And, I don't hunt, so I don't know this stuff.

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