Looking for pallets (For Sale & Wanted)

by TwinBridge ⌂ @, Crivitz, WI, Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 09:44 (186 days ago)

Anyone know where I could get a couple dozen 40x48 pallets in good condition? There's a place near the corner of B and 22 in Oconto Falls that I assume sells them, but nobody was around when I stopped there recently. Not really looking to try to scrounge them up a few here and a few there, was hoping to just get a load of them from one place. Thanks for any suggestions.

Looking for pallets

by nan6649, Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 11:01 (186 days ago) @ TwinBridge

There are 2 listed in the yellow pages, 1 in Pound, 1 in Lena. Patz Pallet Service N4158 19th Rd in Pound, 920-897-3959 , or Wisconsin Pallets Inc 7079 Hwy 141 Lena 920-829-5483. Another possibility is on Hwy 141 going north out of Crivitz, there's a place on the west side of the street with a bunch a cut down trees stacked up and my husband has seen pallets piled up outside. The closest I can tell you is it's between the strip mall and Sky Harbor 2 Go. Sorry,don't have a name of the business.

Looking for pallets

by Suzie Q @, Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 09:08 (185 days ago) @ TwinBridge

The guy down at B and 22 would probably be your best bet if you are looking for good pallets for a good price. He can put together as many as you want as he has HUGE stacks of them behind his house. I will try to find out a contact number for you. The price out front says $1 a pallet....more for 'fences' (bigger, wider pallets). If he doesn't come out of the house to service you, there was usually a receptacle to put $$ in.

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