Tariffs.......who is for and who is against them??????? (General Discussion)

by Thirsty @, Sunday, April 08, 2018, 21:01 (169 days ago)


Tariffs.......who is for and who is against them???????

by Wheels, Monday, April 09, 2018, 06:15 (169 days ago) @ Thirsty

I've been watching and listening to all the complaints and doomsday talk from China and the Soviet Union about the tariffs placed on them. Take candy away from a child and the child yells. Our country has been on the short end of the stick for decades when it comes to foreign trade. We buy all kinds of their products then they don't buy enough of ours to make the two values even. We are talking hundreds of billions of dollars here and a leak that big has to be fixed at some point in time. Sure, they can put tariffs on their products too and that will end up with us paying for it by higher prices for the junk we buy. But I think it's time to bite the bullet. That won't last very long and China and the Soviet Union will have to cave on the trade war thing because our citizens will stop, or delay, buying any of their products because the price is too high. Just maybe some of the offset to that will be that manufacturers will start up right here making those same products. The price might not come down but at least more people will be working and paying taxes and when I do buy something, it will be American made.

Tariffs.......who is for and who is against them???????

by sparky @, Monday, April 09, 2018, 16:09 (169 days ago) @ Wheels

So you think billions of people buy china stuff and amazon imports are going to switch,, wrongo, people buy where it's cheapest, even Thirsty does. Trump can raise tariffs and who pays, people who buy stuff here, so they have to pay more for their stuff and that can reduce sales. I read that already countries have increased their wheat sales by 10 times from So. Amrerica rather than from US farmers. So he's hurting the people that elected them, he said if it hurts the farmers he'll make it up later. Tariffs do nothing, unless you have cheap labor.....

Tariffs.......who is for and who is against them???????

by Wheels, Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 07:35 (168 days ago) @ sparky

And another thing. China has tariffs on us and they are not small. Xi just announced he is going to lower them and allow more of our cars into his country. So that is one more plus thing for our industry. Isn't it strange that he decides to think about that kind of stuff a few days after the presidents message about putting extra tariffs on him? All these countries that benefit from our trade deficit are going to realize, in a very short time, that their economy will tank a lot faster than ours. They have all been living of us for years, which amounts to welfare if you ask me, and I think it's time we look after ourselves first.

As far as tariffs on food items, China is no slouch on that. Up until nine months ago, we could not even ship beef to them. They kept it out for 13 years before that. Now we can send in one percent of their market and there are so many restrictions on what kind of beef, you would need a lawyer to figure them all out. This whole thing is one big game with so many pieces on the board that not one of us will ever figure out what's right or wrong. As far as I'm concerned, any country who starts yelling about us making corrections in our trade deficit of a half trillion dollars a year, are the ones who are benefiting because of it.

Tariffs.......who is for and who is against them???????

by Suzie Q @, Tuesday, April 10, 2018, 12:33 (168 days ago) @ Wheels

hmmmm.......I have a question for you........some time back I read on Facebook (several times) that we (the USA) are going to ship chickens to China where they will be processed and then shipped back to us. At the time it didn't seem cost effective to do that (I believe the chickens were already butchered) and now in light of what you said, it seems even less so. I have seen pictures (on ......what else?......FACEBOOK, haha) of processing plants that said they were in China and they were squeaky clean (unlike what I have heard about USA processing plants). What do you know about this, if anything?? Thank you.......

Tariffs.......who is for and who is against them???????

by Wheels, Wednesday, April 11, 2018, 11:07 (167 days ago) @ Suzie Q

I did some searching and got lots of different answers along with some that kind of left out certain parts of what appears to be a deal the US made with China. That deal is how we got back into the beef exports to China. Seems the big bubble of internet sites had a lot of fun with that one. One says something and then they all start saying it to each other as if it's real news for the first time. It comes down to the deal that lets China ship about one or two percent of processed chicken here from only four of their countless processing plants. Those four have USDA inspectors at them. Processed means cooked, like in nuggets. The part I don't like is if it's processed they don't have to say in the label where it comes from. Also, China can't use it's own chickens. They have to get them only from certain countries that we say is okay. It seems that we are afraid of their avian flu and they are afraid of our mad cow disease. Not to mention all the tariff junk that went on between us and them over the whole deal. As far as I'm concerned, I don't buy processed chicken and it looks like I won't be changing my mind.

Tariffs.......who is for and who is against them???????

by Suzie Q @, Monday, April 09, 2018, 16:34 (169 days ago) @ Wheels

I tend to agree with you, Wheels.......As far as having to pay more on our end, I'm pretty sure other countries will pick up the slack of items that are not cost effective to make here.......Like Christmas Tree lights and other trinkets. The American people are incredibly creative and in regards to a surplus at this end, the government could buy food stuffs and use them to supply schools, food pantries and homeless shelters. I would think that would make more sense than just giving them money.

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